The “Overpacking for Health and Fitness” Workout

Remember that time when you packed a large rolling suitcase until it wouldn’t hold anymore because you wanted “choices”?

Yeah, been there. Sigh.

My travel buddies Henie and Maypo joined me on a trip in the fall of 2018. When we arrived at our AirBnB, we were informed that the elevator that would effortlessly carry us and my “choices” to the seventh floor was inoperable and wouldn’t be fixed for a few hours.

Undaunted, I rallied my fellow travelers and we collectively laughed in the face of such a trivial obstacle. SEVEN FLOORS! Easy! We GOT this! Woo hoo!

Henie, the journeyman world traveler, genuinely had no need to be concerned. Henie carried a backpack, and not a big one at that. She practically ran up the stairs before she realized….

….that Maypo and I were on the verge of complete physical collapse after two flights.

Oh, yeah. Maypo had “choices”, too!

Between the three of us, we managed to drag, lift, and manhandle two stupidly-heavy roller suitcases up to the seventh floor. We were a sweaty, achy, exhausted mess afterward, and having dumped all of our crap in the living room of the apartment, we promptly collapsed on the nearest flat surface to recover from our ordeal.

The moral of this story, kids, is that that was the LAST trip I took with a rolling suitcase.

I prefer not to repeat my mistakes. So I did what any travel-obssessed nerd would do.

I turned to the SMART kids for help.

Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are absolutely crawling with experienced globetrotters who are eager to tell you how you should travel. And some of them are totally on point! While not a backpacker in the traditional sense, I came to deeply admire (and envy) the digital nomads of the world who carry their homes with them.

I’m a budget traveler. Not in the backpacker sense…I’ve never set foot in a hostel or taken an overnight bus on the back roads of India….but  I realize that the less I spend on A trip, the more I can spend on MORE trips. That’s not to say I don’t want to stay in a hostel or experience the joy of a bus ride accompanied by chickens and goats. I just haven’t done it yet. But knowing that those experiences are likely a part of my travel future, and instead of heading for the nearest five-star with a doorman to carry my “choices” up seven floors, I decided on a backpack!

In what I’m sure will be many posts to come about travel gear, I’ll share my own preferences in portable living. But for now, take this thought with you…

Dragging heavy, overladen baggage over cobblestones, dirt roads and broken sidewalks for the sake of “options” is NOT AN option for Hinky.

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