M*[email protected], that’s HOT!

When you read a menu, you’ll find that there are often subtle hints about the food and beverages that could go a long way to helping you decide whether or not you can tolerate them.

As an adventurous type of person, I have a rule when it comes to eating and drinking: YOLO. I will try (almost) anything once. The “almost” excludes reproductive organs, organs used in the excretory process, and the products of animals who are mistreated specifically to get a desired result (for example, veal). It doesn’t mean I’ll like it, but I want to be able to say I tried it.

When in Mexico City last fall, I had the opportunity to taste a fried cricket with chile and lime. Bugs and insects are staple protein sources not only for the poorer communities of Mexico but indeed all around the world. So why not, right?

So the cricket? It was crunchy on the outside with a tender nugget in the middle. Its consistency reminded me of natural peanut butter without tasting like peanut butter: a little gritty, kind of creamy, a tiny bit chewy. And the flavor, to the extent there was a flavor, was masked by the chile and lime. I’m not sure I’d love snacking on them every day, but they’re weren’t awful. Probably an acquired taste.

But take another look at that menu page up top.

My travel pals are not as inclined to trying insects as I am, but they were not loath to drink a cocktail called “[email protected] Son of a B!tch”. It’s the novelty, right? Who wouldn’t want to post all over social media that they’d pounded a drink with a name like that?

I’m sure you see where this is going, right?

That “[email protected]” was HOT! I mean, burn your tongue to your toes hot! And I grew up eating spicy hot food…I LOVE hot stuff.

That “[email protected]”? Not so much. Oh, I’d do it again, but offer me a cricket as an alternative and I’m pretty sure I’d tell the “[email protected]” to [email protected] off.


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