MPCG: Accommodation Domination

Finding, booking and staying in accommodation that suits your trip plans, comfort level, and wallet is probably one of the most make-or-break parts of travel planning (at least as far as I’m concerned). It’s more significant sometimes than it is other times, but its virtually always a key component of a good trip.

Picking accommodation is also extremely subjective. The options are as varied as the requirements, but let me give you some examples of the variables:

  1. Three young women, all who work as baristas, looking for a beach and a party
  2. An urban couple and their two school-aged children who want to visit a major national park
  3. A retired solo male traveler who wants to do a national baseball stadium road trip

Now, truthfully, all three of those scenarios could probably be accommodated in a hotel/motel sitch, right? I mean, the ladies could easily find a decent hotel in a Mexican beach town and still have enough scratch to buy cervezas, and the urban couple might be comfortable at the Ahwahnee or the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel. The older dude is probably more concerned about hitting Coors Field when the Rockies are actually playing a home stand than he is about staying at a nearby Motel 6.


Like everything else about travel, it all depends on what you want to get out of the experience.

Planning accommodation needs to meet your requirements. The hard part, especially if you’r new to travel, is sussing out just what those requirements ARE.

Do you want a kitchen? I almost always say “yes”. Invariably, I only use the fridge and the coffee maker. I’m not sure why I feel such an attachment to a kitchen, because when I travel a major component of my trip is eating all the things. Who wouldn’t? And if that’s true, why on EARTH would I need a kitchen?

Do you want a pool? Again, I almost always say “yes”. I like water. And if it’s hot enough, I like to be IN water. That said, I can count the times on both hands, out of dozens and hundreds of business and pleasure trips I’ve done, where I’ve actually used water facilities. But I still want the option if I can have and afford it, and all the other stars are aligned.

Where do you want to be, geographically speaking? There’s this amazing beach in Thailand called Railay. I haven’t been there….yet. But in my research, I’ve learned that Railay is actually a peninsula with two sides. The west side has the spectacular beach with the giant karst outcropping, and the east side is…not spectacular. As a result, guess which side is more expensive? That said, I plan on spending most of my time ON the beach, not in my hotel/apartment/sea shack. So do I care that I’ll be sleeping on Railay’s ugly stepsister side instead of on the Cinderella side? Not if I’m saving 50% on the cost….and certainly not when I can walk to the bitchin’ side in less than five minutes! Total no brainer!

I’ll write more about the accommodation factors involved with plotting global domination. But as you’re contemplating where you want to stay, take note of some of the unusual considerations you might need to factor in as this series continues!

Meanwhile, don’t let the bedbugs bite!

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