More Waffles Than a Waffle House

Mmmmm. Waffles. How I love me some waffles.

Or as Henie calls them, vafler. SUCH a Norwegian girl.

Henie and I have similar approaches to travel in that we plan fairly meticulously with the understanding that things change once you’re on the ground. During our first international adventure (a six day trip to Mexico City), we were relatively active.

  • We took a baking class through AirBnB Experiences.
  • We did a canal trip in Xochimilco (again through AirBnB Experiences).
  • We had brunch at the Mexican World Trade Center in a restaurant that rotates while you dine.
  • Henie made a Katrina doll. I took a nap.
  • We hired a guide and toured two of the biggest markets in the city.
  • We ate (not nearly enough) street food.
  • We had spa services.

All in all, a fabulous trip.

We’re currently plotting our next Mexican sojourn, which is coming up at the end of May 2019. We’re returning for a quick stay in Mexico City before heading to Acapulco for a few days. Given that we’ll be in the CDMX for such a brief period of time, we’ve already decided to return to our favorite market and to hit our favorite restaurant. Not nearly enough time to renew our love affair with a fabulous city, but maybe enough for a quick peck on the cheek.

But Acapulco?

When we sat down together and plotted world domination, we’d narrowed down our choice of accommodation to two lovely beachfront AirBnB apartments. We were on board for cliff diving at La Quebrada and wandering the streets eating tacos. I would’ve been ready for any number of water activities, and I’m sure we’d have come up with some beach fun of one type or another.

But at the moment, I’m having a minor midlife crisis and Henie has the flu, and now we’re rethinking our plans.

Waffles. Waffling along.

Today we’ve spent the morning texting back and forth about maybe just holing up in a resort and living the pampered life. Maybe a private villa with its own pool. Maybe a resort that we don’t have to leave if we don’t want to. Lots of naps and sunshine.

The thing about waffles is that, as tasty as they are, they’re also fattening.

And as appealing as I find the idea of laying around doing nothing for several days, I suspect that overindulging will leave both of us with a lot of regret.

We have plenty of time of change our minds. And I’d bet we will.

But waffles. More waffles than a Waffle House.

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