Just Not Feeling It….

Sometimes I don’t WANT to conquer the globe. Sometimes, I don’t want to fly the plane, drive the car, or navigate the ship.

Sometimes, I’m a whiny little bitch.

And sometimes, I just want someone else to plot global domination.

In February, Tigger and I went to London for a few days. Maybe you remember that…

Originally we were supposed to go to Iceland. I already knew a lot about Iceland from my constant reading, but not enough to put together a MCPB or anything. But something went sideways somewhere and we ended up in London instead. I’ve never understood why, and in reality it doesn’t really matter. Something about Iceland was not sitting well with Tigger, so…London.

Here’s the interesting thing about Britain. I know a LOT about British history and literature. In high school and college I developed a fondness for Elizabethan and Victorian poetry. I’m a HUGE fan of Elizabeth I and have read oodles of biographies about her reign.

So yeah.

This trip wasn’t on my “list”. I’m not sure why, but there has never been anything about London that drew me. As the trip neared, though, I jumped in to deal with the logistics that needed to be taken care of. I identified landmarks, researched and booked accommodation, researched and planned transportation (and remind me to tell you later about how AMAZING the London Underground is), yada yada.

It wasn’t a failure. In fact, it was just fine. Maybe even better than fine. It was abnormally warm with highs in the low 60’s F, overcast and damp in the mornings that gave way to almost too-bright skies. We had no complications at all. We strolled the city and took the Tube all over, saw the major landmarks and found some great food.

But other than one of the best meals (French, naturally) I’ve had in my life, the trip was just meh.

I don’t regret going, but as someone who wants my travels to ring with awe and joy, this wasn’t a success. And it was a good lesson for yours truly.

I WANT others to travel with me. I just have to learn how to balance others’ interests and comfort level against my own. Otherwise I miss out on creating the kind of experience that, to me, makes it worth the cost.

Next time, more research and a bigger stretch will be required.

P.S. The London Underground is STUPID easy to use. If you are traveling from the US, I strongly suggest ordering and having a Visitor Oyster Card shipped to you so that you have it and are ready to roll when your plane lands. It’s a prepaid contactless card that works on the Tube, buses, and other forms of transportation and it’s got a daily cap so that once you spend a certain amount the system doesn’t charge you for the balance of the day. The trains are clean, well-lit and sometimes crowded, and the stations can have some gnarly stairs, but of all the subway systems I’ve been on (Los Angeles, New York, Paris, etc.) the London Underground was far and away the best. USE IT!

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