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M*[email protected], that’s HOT!

When you read a menu, you’ll find that there are often subtle hints about the food and beverages that could go a long way to helping you decide whether or not you can tolerate them. As an adventurous type of person, I have a rule when it comes to eating and drinking: YOLO. I will […]

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The “Overpacking for Health and Fitness” Workout

Remember that time when you packed a large rolling suitcase until it wouldn’t hold anymore because you wanted “choices”? Yeah, been there. Sigh. My travel buddies Henie and Maypo joined me on a trip in the fall of 2018. When we arrived at our AirBnB, we were informed that the elevator that would effortlessly carry […]

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London Tube

….And The Train Disappeared Down the Tracks

Remember the time we were in London and we accidentally got separated in the Tube? No? I DO! And I’m STILL laughing. I LOVE to plan trips. LOVE LOVE LOVE! But sometimes when you travel with certain people, you’re held accountable for logistics and decisions that rest solely on your shoulders. And THAT is jacked. […]

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