Comment Policy

While I own the site and will delete comments for my own reasons, I love comments. I learn a lot from comments and so do my readers.

I moderate your comment the very first time you comment on the site. That’s to make sure you are both a human being and also a human being that isn’t paid to spam sites for back links with ridiculous and totally irrelevant comments (“wow. what a great site! I’m sure I will read more.”). Once I figure that out, your subsequent comments will go on the site. Unless you do a legit comment first and then start the paid spam stuff ;=)

I also moderate comments that contain Internet links in the body of the comment; at that point I moderate the comment just to ensure the link is something legitimate for the conversation and not some sneaky way to put a porn site as one of the links on my site. You’d be surprised.

The policy is like…the Golden Rule.

I also can choose to not show or accept comments. I’ve done both.