Chapter One. Hinky Plots Global Domination!

Well, hello there!

Having already written quite a chunk of content for TtW, it dawned on me at 3am after having a nightmare about lima beans and guys named “Chad” that I hadn’t actually BLOGGED yet.

I don’t “blog”.

But at some point I should probably explain why I occupy this tiny corner of the digital world.

I’m originally from the West Coast of the United States. Not quite ten years ago, my amazingly patient life partner Tigger and I got a wild hair and decided to relocate. We traded temperate for arctic, mountainous for flat as a pancake, and sea breezes for dairy air.

Not long before we moved, we took a two week trip to Ireland. It was my first major international trip (or as I called it then, “vacation”) and only the second time I’d left America. It was amazing and wonderful and everything I could have wanted.

But it was also very predictable. Worst jet lag in history. A seven day bus tour locked on a coach with strangers, some of whom were loudly opinionated about topics I’d never discuss with strangers. Hotel rooms I don’t remember. Destinations I didn’t choose and a landscape that flew by before I could really absorb it.

I didn’t know any better. But over time, as I began venturing out more and more, I learned that I wanted more when I traveled.

That was the key differentiator. I wanted to travel. Not vacation.

When I think of a vacation, I think of Disney World. Cancun’s endless all-inclusive mega-resorts. Vegas. Nicely-packaged “experiences” where you can unplug, unwind, unravel and live in a world that, outside of the destination, doesn’t exist in normal reality. There is nothing wrong with any of these, and I’ve done my fair share of them.

Traveling is a different animal. Traveling is learning about the day-to-day lives of people all around the world. It’s about learning about their struggles, joys, traditions, and beliefs. It’s gaining a sense of place: how it FEELS to stand on a street corner in London as opposed to a street corner in Paris, or hopefully someday a sand dune in Namibia as opposed to a mountain in Ushuaia. It’s exhausting and bumpy and unpredictable and leaves you breathless, worn out, confused, and absolutely over the moon.

I want this site to be the home of my travel stories, but more importantly I want to share how I choose where to go. I want to share how I plan, how I prioritize, how I am constantly refining and reshuffling what I want to see and do. I want to conquer the world of international travel with savvy planning, budget ideas, crazy experiences, and the chronic smile that is etched on my face when I’m scheming. And I hope that my “how” will give you ideas for your “how”.

Because that’s what it’s all about. How.

How to plot global domination.


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Hink is an aspiring traveler plotting global domination and looking for the funny.