The Endless Joy of Bitching!

I have a trip coming up next week. It may end up being the shortest trip I’ve had where air travel is involved. I fly into my destination in the evening, spend the whole next day there, and fly back early in the morning on the third day. It’s not ideal, but I’m visiting someone I wouldn’t otherwise see.

Now let’s be honest here. Between airport time, travel to and from origin and destination airports on both ends of my trip, and actual flight time, we’re talking about a third of the total trip spent on transportation. That’s NOT ideal for most people. I know someone who hates the journey-part of travel. They just want to GET THERE…and get there NOW!

But I’m not most people.

As gross as airports are, as nasty as aircraft are, and as uncomfortable as the whole sitch can be overall, it’s a major part of WHY I travel to begin with. International airports in other countries are a fascinating introduction into a new destination. Domestic airports can be interesting, too, but more importantly…well, some are just so bad as to be perfect fodder for bitching. And I cherish my ability to bitch about airports.

LAX. LaGuardia. Hartsfield. Fresno.


I’m going to enjoy my short little trip very much. Now if it just hurry up and GET here.

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