Wait, what?

Hello. I’m Hinky. You can call me Hink.

When I was ten, I took my very first plane trip. In retrospect, I’m not sure I was all that impressed with flying at the time, but there are moments that remain embedded in my cranium even after &%^@# years (it was a LONG time ago).

My father was a renowned goofball. I mean LEGENDARY weird, ok? And along the fir-studded shores of a lake in the Idaho Panhandle that chilly week in early summer, my dad invented one of the funniest games in the history of childhood. He queued me, my brother, and my three cousins in a line behind him and went marching across the damp grass making farting noises and swinging his arms wildly in an exaggerated goose step, encouraging us to imitate him. Which of course we did with typical kid enthusiasm. What wasn’t to love? We’re talking FARTING NOISES! For a group of kids ranging in age from nine to fifteen, I assure you…EPIC FUNNY!

Daddy called that odd marching “traversing”. I have no idea where that term came from…he probably read it in a book somewhere. As fathers like mine do.

One year for Halloween around the same time, my dad and his best friend were inventing names for their decorative homemade gravestones. I can’t tell you what the names were because my father and his friends weren’t the most sensitive people in the world. BUT…I take my nom de guerre from one of those gravestones.

Hi. I’m Hinky. Or Hink if you like.

My dad died in 2013 at the extremely young age of 71 after developing early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease.

I miss him every day.  And although he wasn’t exactly a fan of travel, I know he’d love to read the stories I have to tell.

Along the way, you’ll learn about my travel buddies:

Henie (rhymes with Penny) – The goddess of travel planning, Henie is an experienced globetrotter who is my equal in the silly. Most of my major journeys are undertaken with Henie, and together we plot world domination like no one else!

Tigger – My life partner, Tigger is a quieter, more reserved traveler who doggedly accompanies me to the less exotic locales of the world. And he loves shopping more than anyone else I travel with! WOW!

Maypo – My lifelong bestie, Maypo is my party pal. Oddly, although we’ve known each other for longer than most of you have been alive, we only recently began tearing the joint up. Nevertheless, if all I want to do is get my drink on and dance like no one is watching, Maypo is who I’m going to do it with. ZERO arrests so far!

Moo – My offspring. Moo hates being called Moo, and so naturally I’m using a babyhood nickname on what will someday become a household name in travel planning. Right? Moo is just learning to get out in the world. Now with college on deck, options and time will be limited. But let me tell you about that one time in Paris….

So let’s go research, learn,  plan, dream, remember and find the funny. Let’s traverse.

Farting noises optional.