You’ve emerged from the

  • Uber?
  • Igloo?
  • Subway station?
  • Yurt?


  • The pouring rain?
  • A steaming monsoon?
  • A desert hotter than a million exploding suns?

to find yourself somewhere you’ve only dreamed of. You’ve spent months or even years reading about it, watching other people’s boring travel videos about it, listening to its music and drooling over pictures of its food. And in this moment, you begin to check off a mental list:

  • THIS is just like I pictured it!
  • THAT is nothing like what I thought it’d smell like!
  • THOSE! THOSE are huge! And yet THESE are TINY!
  • I never in a million years thought I’d get to see it!

The world is a giant choose-you-own-adventure story, and you’re both the reader and the author. Each destination has its own customs, traditions, beliefs and way of life and each provides a visitor with a series of options that, in turn, lead to MORE options.

So, are we going to page 42 or 142?